The Umatilla County Critical Ground Water Task Force was organized in 2004 to "develop and recommend solutions to short and long term water issues in Umatilla County", with a particular focus on OWRD-designated Critical Groundwater Areas. Efforts of the group resulted in the extensively researched "Umatilla Sub-basin 2050 Water Managment Plan", or the "2050 Plan", which was released in final draft form on August 19, 2008. Below you find a complete list of documents from the Plan's appendices. 

Appendix A: Example Legislation for a Groundwater Counties Remidiation Act in Arkansas

Appendix B: Umatilla Basin Rules (OAR Chapter 690, Division 507)

Appendix C: Sub-Basin Funding Scenarios

Appendix D: Sub-Basin Water Project Options

Appendix E: Umatilla County Exempt Well Resolution

Appendix F: Umatilla County 2050 Plan -- Statement of Goals and Principles

Appendix G: Task Force Charter

Appendix H: Groundwater Taskforce Project Concept

Appendix I: Senate Bill 602

Appendix J: Bureau of Reclamation Surface and Groundwater Storage Assessments:                                               (Part1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4)

Appendix K: 1986 Umatilla Basin Report (Part 1) (Part 2) 

Appendix L: 1988 Umatilla Basin Report (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) 

Appendix M: Umatilla Basin Data Synthesis and Summary

Appendix N: 2007 OWRD Report to Umatilla County

Appendix O: 1988 USGS Horse Heaven Hills Groundwater Model

Appendix P: Water Resources Status, A Study of the Water Resources Availability and Demand in the Umatilla River Basin, Oregon

Appendix Q: OWRD, Groundwater Supplies in the Umatilla Basin

Appendix R: Irrigation History, Fred Ziari

Appendix S: Draft Umatilla Sub-basin 2050 Water Managment Plan Review Report

Appendix T: Comments Received