Projects + Initiatives


regional Water news

Each month we publish an e-newsletter detailing relevant action on water issues impacting the region. Read our most recent articles or sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop. 


Legislation trackers

During the legislative session, the Coalition tracks water-related legislation in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. View these pages here


annual meetings

Our yearly meetings bring together legislators, farmers, and the media to learn about water issues affecting northeast Oregon. Find out more on our events page. 


special projects & Outreach work

The Oregon Water Coalition is committed to providing support for the region on water issues. OWC works to develop information for communication, outreach campaigns, and special projects. These efforts are undertaken by OWC or by OWC in partnership with another organization. The Coalition is committed to providing relevant and accurate information for citizens of the region, and is continually striving to identify questions and information gaps in order to focus research and education efforts.