JANUARY 23, 2018: Annual meeting & water rights workshop

OWC will host its 2018 annual meeting and conference from 7:30am-12pm on January 23, 2018 at the Hermiston Agricultural & Research Extension Station. The half-day event will feature updates on local water issues as well as a two hour "water rights bootcamp" led by attorney Laura A Schroeder of Schroeder Law Offices. You can view the agenda here. To learn more or RSVP, please email Marika, marika@oregonwatercoalition.org.  


MAY 2018: Water in northeastern oregon: following the molecule to rural success

"Water in Northeastern Oregon" will be an immersive tour event aimed at highlighting the need for and benefits of rural partnerships and targeted water infrastructure investment. It is co-organized by NOWA, Eastern Oregon Women’s Coalition, Oregon Association of Counties, and Oregon Business Council with the support of the Oregon Water Coalition. The goal is to use existing, visible project concepts in five rural counties to highlight the multiple values of targeted investment in water infrastructure and the cumulative economic, fishery, and environmental benefits of a molecule of water when viewed through a non-compartmentalized (i.e. multi-region) lens. 


May 25, 2017 Annual meeting and spring water summit

Full event recap can be found here. The Oregon Water Coalition held its annual meeting on Thursday, May 25 from 8:00am-12:00pm. Speakers included David Filippi, who gave an update for irrigators on relevant legislation,  JR Cook, who presented updates about NOWA and the Regional Water Project, and OWRD's Justin Iverson, who gave an overview of revised rules in the Walla Walla subbasin. View the full agenda here